Here are some frequently asked questions about the FH | 70 initiative. If you can't find answers to your questions here, please contact us.

How is FleishmanHillard celebrating its 70th anniversary?

FleishmanHillard is asking each office to select a project that will support social inclusion for people in their local communities during the 70th anniversary year.


How did FleishmanHillard decide on community service?

FleishmanHillard CEO John Saunders asked employees how they wanted to celebrate this milestone anniversary. The overwhelming response from across our global network was that people wanted to get involved in their communities in a meaningful way.


What is social inclusion?

A socially inclusive society is defined as one where all people feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity.


Why  social inclusion?

As a communications company, FleishmanHillard is well-suited to support this cause, with the experience to connect with, and raise awareness and support for, groups of individuals who may be excluded from opportunity or marginalized from society. We also wanted to give local offices¬†the flexibility to work with people and organizations where they could do the most good in their communities. By uniting our more than 80 offices under this one cause, we’ll be able to make a big impact.


Who is involved?

All of FleishmanHillard’s more than 80 global offices will be identifying organizations, initiatives or charities that champion social inclusion in their local communities. Projects, partners and updates will be shared at FH4Inclusion.fleishmanhillard.com throughout our 70th year.


When will anniversary celebrations be taking place?

The initiative was announced on June 30. Local offices will be selecting their projects and activating throughout our 70th year.