Enabling a Community to Achieve its Potential

October 27, 2016

by Katie Houghton, Nichole Hamilton

A child’s future is often shaped during the period of time between birth and five years old. During this crucial stage, children are the most vulnerable and impressionable, emphasizing the importance of early education and support.

As part of our global social inclusion initiative, the FleishmanHillard Los Angeles and Orange County offices recently supported an event for the Mothers’ Club Family Learning Center. Based in Pasadena, Mothers’ Club Learning Center is a non-profit organization that helps provide parenting and adult education, social support and early childhood education to the most isolated and at-risk families in its community. The Mothers’ Club is built on a two-generation learning model where parents and children simultaneously acquire new skills and knowledge, in hopes that it will result in positive outcomes in both their lives.

Pasadena is home to one of the biggest wealth disparities in the state of California, suffering high levels of poverty, low educational attainment and limited English language skills. Mothers’ Club is committed to servicing low-income and at-risk families with children ages 0 – 5 by providing educational resources so they have a chance to be contributing members to their local community and larger society.

In July of this year, an office-wide survey revealed that every member of our Los Angeles and Orange County offices wanted to focus this year’s inclusion program on helping low-income families. Our team was inspired by Mothers’ Club vision of nurturing at-risk families and children into affluent members of the community. Each year, Mothers’ Club hosts an annual fall food festival to help build awareness around the event and the organization’s contribution and commitment to increase program funding. This year market the 6th Annual Fall Food Fest and our offices led the charge by conducting media outreach to local print and broadcast publications. We secured a pro bono photographer to document the event and highlight the state-of-the-art education facilities that the organization can use for future promotional materials. An estimated 90 hours were spent conducting media outreach, preparing event materials and onsite support. Our team was honored to provide staffing support during the evening of the event.

The event was executed seamlessly. Local media were eager to attend, and a few top LA restaurants and eateries were excited to offer their time and donations. All of the proceeds, including ticket sales and auction item revenues, were put towards enhancing Mothers’ Club offerings. Most importantly, the strong network of community members present demonstrated the significance of Mothers’ Club and the difference it’s making in Pasadena. In addition to board members and dignitaries, there were several members of the community who attended, and have been attending the event since its inception six years ago. The ongoing support and passion demonstrated by the local community was both humbling and inspiring.

Mothers’ Club serves as a prime example of how taking small steps towards big change can make an impact. Every day this organization helps families in Pasadena fight for a chance to better themselves and their community by providing opportunities that would typically be unattainable. FleishmanHillard in Los Angeles and Orange County were privileged to assist such a valuable cause.