Changing Hearts and Minds for Labor Day #MoreThanAJob

August 30, 2016

by Leela Stake

REDF and FleishmanHillard are joining forces on the #MoreThanAJob campaign to take back Labor Day. Most Labor Day conversation focuses on holiday sales, BBQs and days off. However, this campaign aims to get people to help make work a reality for all who are willing and able to contribute by hiring and supporting people to gain the dignity that comes with earning a paycheck.  For too many people, Labor Day is a reminder of their exclusion from the workforce, and social enterprises provide a proven path to hire and assist people to overcome barriers like homelessness and incarceration.  For every dollar a social enterprise spends, society receives a return of 123%, including significant taxpayer savings.

#MoreThanAJob aims to raise awareness and support for REDF and its social enterprise portfolio organizations, to lend support to double down on proven solutions for people to turn to, and change hearts and minds to get people to think differently about people struggling on the fringes of our economy. To learn more, please visit



In this video, REDF CEO Carla Javits and FleishmanHillard’s Leela Stake discuss the importance of this work and our partnership for inclusion.